Additional Services

Saltwater Conversions

We specialize in saltwater conversions. Interested in converting your pool from chlorine to salt? No problem, we have you covered. Our service technicians are certified and trained to properly evaluate your current equipment set-up and recommend the right salt system to fit your pool’s needs.

Pool Inspection

Interested in selling or purchasing a home and need a pool inspection? Give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help. Our technicians are CPI certified & trained to pay attention to detail and we ensure you will receive a quality inspection report starting from the backyard gate upon entry.

Pool School

Are you a new pool owner and not sure how to properly care for your pool? We can help. We offer a pool school to anyone who is interested in learning how to maintain their pool on their own. Starting with teaching you how to properly test and balance your water chemistry, check and empty your baskets, from brushing, skimming, and netting, down to how to operate your pool equipment, we’ve got you covered. Not a Paradise Pool and Spa client? No problem, call us anyway to schedule your pool school. Who knows, you’ll probably love us so much, you’ll want to sign up for weekly maintenance.

Pool Consultations

Have some questions you need answered? Need a second opinion? We also offer consultations. We are more than happy to sit down with you, listen to your wants, concerns, and needs, and recommend the best service, equipment repair, or remodeling option that will best fit not only your needs, but your pool as well.


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